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 Samantha Forrest

Artist, Seer, Reiki Master & Animal Communicator / 07940 593 823


Welcome to my website.

A healer, teacher and guide, I offer gentle yet powerful help in bringing about positive change in people's lives.


A Seer from childhood, with an interest in the human spiritual dimension and the mystery of life from an early age, I provide depth of insight and an alternative perspective.

For details of the variety of services I offer from psychic readings to intuitive art therapy and counselling, please see my Psychic and Healing Practice menu.

I have experience of a wide range of situations and issues.


As Reiki Master, I practice as a healer and teacher, sharing this wonderful gift which imbibes my life. Forthcoming workshops and details regarding treatments are posted on my Information and Psychic and Healing Practice menus.


Through Animal Communication, I enjoy the process of bringing animals and their carers closer together, sharing the animal's point of view and the concerns of the carer. Shedding the light of understanding, a session can help resolve difficulties and act as a catalyst for improving lives.


Most clients are from recommendation. Please see my Testimonials page.

Clients come from all backgrounds, nationalities and religious persuasions, and I am happy to work with all ages. I am understanding of different cultures and customs and it is an aspect of my practice to make each individual feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


In love with art from a teeny tot, I paint, draw and sculpt, and seek to inspire creativity in others. I have a love of colour and a youthful style. The greatest influence of art is to make life a more exciting and beautiful experience. Whether used therapeutically, as self-expression, or just for fun, it has a fantastic feel-good impact.


I live and work in Bristol, South-West England. I also have clients throughout the UK and abroad, as much of my work is available over the telephone and skype. I am also happy to travel.

I look forward to helping you.